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Get commision

Must have enough youtube or itao followers

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Product Review

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Product review commission


Earn commission for sellers to review products

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How it works?

step 1

Request the products you like

step 2

Brands can approve or decline your requests

step 3

Try the product and publish your review within 30 days


They are getting commission

step 1

Sign up on our partner site:

step 2

Copy the product link and convert the link

step 3

Do more product reviews and promote your links

step 4

You will receive a commission from the purchased product!

Get cash

Once the order transaction have been confirmed, for example,
when the buyer confirmed to receive the product,
we will pay commission to you balance and you can withdraw balance immediately.

Partner Rule

(update to 2016.12.28)

  • 1

    What is the AliPrice Partner?

    AliPrice offers a great platform for local company who is working for affiliate marketing. Be AliPrice partner, which is completely free, you can invite visitors to install AliPrice browser extension(AliExpress Shopping Assistant), once he/she install, AliPrice extension will show affiliate links on tool bar. If visitors click AliPrice's affiliate link and make a purchase, we will receive a commission for this and we will share it with you.

  • 2

    Compare with making affiliate market by yourself, why be AliPrice partner will get more money?

    Usually, affiliate platform will track transactions purchase by using cookies, and the cookie will expired in a month, or overwrited when visitor click other's affiliate link. But once visitor install AliPrice extension, the tool bar will always show AliPrice affiliate links, you don't have to worry the affiliate cookie will expired or overwrite by others, you can share commission forever from every purchase.

  • 3

    How does AliPrice Partner track transactions of install extension?

    We track completed transactions by using cookies. If a visitor, who came through your invite link and install AliPrice extension in a month, you will be this visitor's invitor. Every purchase this visitor make on AliExpress, you will share a commission with us. However, if he deletes his cookies, we will not be able to track the transaction.

  • 4

    How to get my invite link?

    Login to and go to the AliPrice Partner Home page.

  • 5

    Where to see my tracking results?

    1. Login to AliPrice Partner
    2. Click on [ Invite List ], you will see all the visitors you invite, Note that there are only one record with same ip.
    3. Click on [ Live Order ], you will see all the live orders. Note that data will refresh every 30 minutes.
    4. Click on [ Payment ], you will see all the payment records. Note that you need to set up your payment account so we can send your balance every month.

  • 6

    How high is the commission rate you can share?

    AliPrice Partner offers 4% ~ 12% of the commission. For more information, please [click here].

  • 7

    What marketing methods are acceptable?

    Only if within the limit of local law, any promote way are acceptable. 1. Blog, forum, Youtube or any other website. 2. VK, Facebook and others social platforms. 3. Post your invite link on your aliexpress reviews. 4. Send to your friends.

  • 8

    When and how do I get paid?

    Once the order transaction have been confirmed, example, buyer confirmed to receive the product, We will convert commission to your available cash and you can withdraw available cash immediately. And then we will send your withdraw to you in 1-3 working days. Any order related issues please refer to AliExpress Portals.

  • 9

    What kind of payment methods do you support?

    Currently we only support Webmoney / Qiwi / Paypal / amazon-card. Note that we only offer customized payment methods for top level Partner.

  • 10

    If a purchase is made for Product B via a promotional link intended for Product A, will the commission still be paid out?If a purchase is made for Product B via a promotional link intended for Product A, will the commission still be paid out?

    Yes, we count the commission based on the final order. E.g. If you promote Product A while the transaction completed is for Product B, we will still provide you with the commission for the order.