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Apply when you have YouTube/iTao channel

FreeFYW Fingerprint Heart Necklace Silver Golden Necklace Custom Name Heart Shaped Pendant Nacklaces Best Brithday Gift For Her
Price: US $4.79 100%OFF
Available: 2
Shopping: Free Shopping

1. Must make a Youtube video review after you have received products.

2. Clip a 60~240 seconds video from your Youtube video. Screen aspect ratio should be 16: 9, format should be MP4,definition should better be 720p.

3. Add your invite link below the Youtube video in the description. Your invite link>>

4. If you permit, you need to help the seller check the item's name and grammatical errors in the description.

5. Need to add aliprice partner Product Tracking Link(commssion 3% ~ 10%) on your video description.

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